Price: $400

Province: Ontario
City: Sudbury
Type: Pets

This puggle puppy is still availible the ad will remain active as long as the puppy is availible!
1 tan/brown puppy: male (First Picture - Will grow to look like the third pictured Puggle)
We call him Rex, he's very sweet and attentive, good listening skills. We're already training him on outside bathroom routines, and he's doing very well!
Eats hard food, and drinks water and loves treats!
5 Other puppies have been sold.
I am no longer taking deposits as the puppies are ready to go to their new homes!
Puggles are a Pug and Beagle hybrid, and they are adorable. Sad ?pet me? faces along with cute little bodies and long whimsical ears make this puppy quite the eye catching pet. They are mild mannered lap dogs like the Pug, mixed with the energetic tendencies of a Beagle.
Snuggle with a Puggle
More Characteristics of a Puggle:
*Good Natured
*Good with Children and other pets
They are energetic dogs with short hair, a wrinkled forehead, a curled tail, and drooping ears. They can be 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 12 to 20 pounds.
Puggles are not a hypoallergenic dog, but require very low maintenance. A simple bath, occasional nail clipping and ear cleaning are all that is needed.
Puggles are treat motivated and are very obedient. They can learn basic commands in as little as 6 months and will remember what it takes to get a treat!
Puggles are also quite unique as they seem to inherit both good qualities in their mother and father. Puggles also bypass the health concerns one may have owning a pug, as the snout on a puggle is a bit longer it stops the possibility of eye problems or nose blockages.
Most puggles are fawn coloured, however with some luck you can get some amazing colour combinations usually found in second generation puggles. The coloured puggles are very original.
I have been breeding puggles for the last three years. I have however sold puggles all over Southern and Northern Ontario and have many testimonials from happy owners about the pride they have owning such a unique dog!
I sell my puggles for $500 as they go for $600-800 down South. This is my last batch, I will not be breeding any longer.
My puggles are dewormed but do not come with first shots, I recommend that the new owners take the time to bring their puppy to the vet for the shots themselves as responsible pet owners. It gives the new owners more bonding time with their pup, and makes for a trusting relationship.
I trust that my puppies are healthy and have not had any complaints or issues about any health related problems with any of the batches I?ve sold.
There were 6 puggle puppies born November 12th . They are eating solid food and drinking water.
Don?t underestimate this beautiful and exciting breed! I recommend my puggles to any age, any couple, anyone!
If you have any questions or concerns, Please call or Email today!